Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Three Friends

It was on a quiet lazy afternoon that S and I decided  to visit the small church in Majitar. It was some ten minutes walk from my college, down the national highway. 
We were sitting on the porch of the church, flipping through S's point and shoot camera, when these three little local girls came up to us. They were on the way back from school, the road in front of the church being a short-cut route to their small,single-roomed,thatched roof homes. 
The small silver camera had caught their attention and made them stop. 'Didi, photo'  was all that one of the three could manage to say initially in a shy and low voice. The sound of the first click was enough to drive away their shyness! Click... click... click...!!! It continued for almost half an hour, with they posing and us clicking!
Among my many clicks, I particularly like this one because of the expressions :)

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  1. Perhaps, the simple narration attached with this beautiful photograph makes it more special for me as I hardly understand the technicalities behind a snap. Liked it!